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Jambo - wellcome!

“Mount Kenia Kinderhilfe e.V.“ is a charitable association that supports needy children, adolescents and families living in the surroundings of Mount Kenia. Mainly orphans who’s parents have died from AIDS receive our help. We want to offer them a humane live and give them a future perspective. First of all, this means the assurance of basic all-day requirements as well as health-care and education.

Support of Orphans

All around Mount Kenia people from different ethnic groups and native tribes are living under the same pour conditions. Built from paperboard, branches and plastic – and badly attached – their huts provide a provisional protection from cold and rain. Often there is no clean drinking water the hygienic and medical situation is bad. Many children aren’t able to participate in school lessons for lack of food, exercise books, pencils or school uniforms (which stand for a successful integration at school). Furthermore many of the children have to take care of their familie’s cattle so that there’s often no time left for school lessons. With education and financial support we intend to increase the perspectives of those children and their families.

Structural Help


The Kenyan children and adolescents profit directly from every euro you donate. We are working voluntarily and unsalaried as well as we bear the administration costs. Spardabank AugsburgIBAN: DE82 7209 0500 0000 4101 11BIC : GENODEF1S03